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      34 products

      The Basics Shop

      There's nothing quite like having the perfect classic black top or denim jeans that go with every outfit. When you’re stocking up with all your layering basics and essentials, choose Dress Up to discover tons of obsession worthy styles every girl needs in her closet! Shop styles that are perfect for a Netflix and chill day, or just a busy afternoon running errands!

      Style and Design

      Many of our basics could either go underneath your outfit or be worn alone for a casual outfit, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! There are so many different ways to make an outfit stand out, but you absolutely need to have the basics essential for every fashion opportunity. Whether you’re looking for seasonal staples or layering essentials, we have everything to complete your wardrobe. Choose from our selection of tanks, tees, long sleeve tops, as well as simple bodysuits and cardigans, for outfits you’ll fall in love with all over again.

      From delicate lace designs to soft and cozy t-shirt fabrics, our favorite layering basics include a variety of styles that will keep you feeling comfy and looking chic. Don't miss out on wearing one-of-a-kind pieces just because you didn't have the undershirt to match your outfit! Shop Dress Up to mix and match your favorite designs and enhance every look in your closet.